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Mark Kirk is the senior pastor of Calvary Knoxville.  

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1, 2, 3 John

by Pastor Mark Kirk

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False teachers and teachings (such as Gnosticism) abounded in John's day.  It wasn't enough to claim you knew Christ, but living a life of obedience would set apart those that "say" vs. those that "do" and still does today.  

The epistles of John highlight the simple but very real truths we all need to use as plumb lines for our own life.  Pastor Mark takes us verse by verse to show us that our true beliefs are shown in our behavior, how a "Love" for God is incompatible with "Hatred" for our fellow man and how our loving obedience toward God can give us confidence to approach Him with our needs and to intercede on behalf of others.  That's just the beginning of a lot of application from 3 small but very powerful epistles!