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1st Samuel 1 of 2

by Pastor Mark Kirk

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If you didn't know the book of 1st Samuel was the actual accounts of the lives of Hannah, Samuel, David, Saul and others, you'd think you were reading the script for a dramatic feature film!

We begin with the torment and prayers of a barrent woman (Hannah), who finally gives birth to a righteous prophet of God (Samuel), only to have the people ultimately reject the Godly leadership.

So God gives them what they want (Saul), but Saul didn't give God what He wanted, so God rejects Saul for a young shephered boy named David, who God says should be king because he's "a man after God's own heart."

If this were a Hollywood film, David would immediately take the throne, but these are the real trials of life!  We'll see wars and victories, envy and jealousy, rebellion and hatred, and so much more before David finally takes his place as king!